Research, Evaluation Studies, and Surveys (RES&S)

As an organization with a comprehensive mission to create a positive and sustainable socio-economic change in the lives of the poor and disadvantaged, particularly women, indigenous people and person with disability supported by various social development programmers and services. BASA has made a strong commitment to continual research, studies, evaluation and surveys. Our RES&S efforts serve multiple purposes. Findings from our studies inform the development of improved national policies and system practices, and contribute to stronger communities, families and individuals. Our growing bodies of results enable us to evaluate BASA’s programmatic effectiveness and impact. We also conduct formative and intervention research to generate new knowledge for the larger health and rights of community, including findings from assessments of innovative or previously-untested programmatic approaches. Targeted dissemination of RES&S evidence to reach appropriate audiences is an integral part of our RES&S efforts, prioritizing local stakeholders, and ultimately, through professional conferences, seminars and journals.

BASA’s research is grounded on a set of guiding principles that address our commitment to scientific excellence, meaningful collaboration between country and international partners, ethical protections of research participants, local, regional and global dissemination of results, and transparent communication.

BASA activities included the following several researches, studies and surveys:

– Prospect of Compost Production from WASTE especially from Fecal Sludge supported by WHO Since January 2009 to November 2009
–  Study on Water resource Development following Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) supported by Local Govt. Engineering Department (LGED) in 2014
– Action Research on the outcome of Community Access and intervention for Improved Menstrual regulation, Post Abortion Care and Family planning Supported by IPAS 2016
– Status of Health care WASTE Management in selected 10 Govt. Hospitals since June’2009 to December’2009 supported by WHO
–  Study on Waste Management in Gazipur and Shakipuir Municipality supported by WATER in 2015
– Baseline Study on the WASH Situation in Costal Districts of Bangladesh Supported By Netherland Govt. in 2012
– Baseline survey in the Hill districts of Chittagong for support to vulnerable groups in the Community Ministry of Women Affairs , Bangladesh Govt. in …….
– Survey for the purpose of providing financial Assistance to poor mothers (LGED) in…..
– Study on the Nutrition needs of Mothers and children in 4 districts covering 29th Upazila’s…….
– Study on Promoting Agricultural Communication and enterprises in the …………………

Since its inception in 1991, BASA is advancing steadily towards achievements of its vision and mission for a better Bangladesh. In the process BASA is taking up numerous projects and activities which are often innovative and pioneering. Successful implementation of these projects is an endless source of inspiration for our future initiatives. We feel it as our important obligation to share our programs and performances with our well wishers, relevant government department, Development partners, stake holders and people with interest. With this objective in view we have developed our website, which I believe, will be of immense interest to those hope will observe our organization programs achievements and future thinking. The website is designed with updated whenever require for valued viewers. Any cooperation, suggestions and support to work will be highly appreciated